Happy 2022 (we hope)

My last blog post (if you can call something a blog when I add to it so intermittently and not even my family read it) makes quite depressing reading. I don’t apologise for that but now, as the clock ticks into 2022 (and 22 is my lucky number!) and I’ve been comfortably ensconced (I think you’ll agree that only a writer would use the word “ensconced”) down in Hampshire for a couple of months, I’m feeling much more enthusiastic about life in general and my writing in particular. I’m getting on with Dawson and Lucy 3 (no title yet) and am aiming to have a first draft completed by about Easter (and as I’ve put that in black and white, it now has to happen). We’ll see what it looks like then. 

Meanwhile, I have a couple of “events” coming up.  I will be back talking to the wonderful Ron and Ian on Chat and Spin Radio at 7.20 pm on Monday 10 January. And I am giving my third Library Talk on Thursday 27 January at Abingdon Library. Yes, back in Oxfordshire. I am going to try and get myself into some libraries in Hampshire and west Surrey now I’m down here, if I can. And then, on Saturday 2 April I will again be present and active at the 2nd Oxford Independent Book Fair at the Wesley Memorial Hall in Oxford. The first one (much postponed) in November was excellent and the second one will be even better.

I will be keeping my eye out for other events in this neck of the woods, if they exist. Watch this space.

Happy New Year to everyone.