Geronimo comes 2nd in 582 horse race

Not bad for a giraffe.

I am extremely excited to announce that Geronimo has been placed 2nd in the 2019 To Hull and Back humorous short story competition run by Christopher Fielden. It will take its place in this year’s anthology of winning and short-listed stories, which will be available on Amazon from 31 October.

Actually, to say I am extremely excited is a complete understatement. I am in fact completely overcome with gobsmackiness. It is the first short story I have written to be placed anywhere in anything, unlike most of the other winning storytellers in THAB this year, and will give me confidence to try entering other competitions. It is true that there are few competitions that cater for the sort of comedy I tend to churn out but you never know. Or I could try a different sort of writing. I’ll be giving it a go anyway – after all, the next THAB is not until 2021.

It is also the first time I have earned a bit of money for my writing. More encouragement.

I have now replaced the slightly longer version of Geronimo with the competition entry here. Read and enjoy.

There is also a picture of the star himself in the gallery.


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