First Anniversary and Book Two News

Unbelievably, today, Sunday 18th, marks the 1st Birthday of A Very Important Teapot. I can hardly believe a year has gone by (and what a year, crikey, not one anyone will forget in a hurry, although I accept that for most people that won’t be because of my book). Thanks to everyone who has purchased it so far, the support from family, friends and complete strangers worldwide has been extraordinary. If you’ve bought it AND read it, that’s a bonus. If you’ve bought it, read it AND enjoyed it, that’s even more gratifying, and if you’ve bought it, read it, enjoyed it AND reviewed it, I cannot begin to express how happy that makes me.

If you’ve stumbled on to this sadly undervisited website by chance or been directed here from Twitter, Facebook or purely by accident and have not yet immersed yourselves in the tale of Dawson and Lucy down under, I have good news. To celebrate the anniversary, the first 20 people who contact me either via here, Facebook, Twitter, email to or indeed semaphore or carrier pigeon, can have a signed copy of A Very Important Teapot for the knockdown price of £5 (including postage). This is clearly the offer of a lifetime if you enjoy the sort of thing these reviewers do:

‘There is never a dull moment in this rollicking and hugely enjoyable tale.’ (J J Anderson)

‘Lots of laugh out loud moments in this fast-paced adventure along Australia’s deserted highways and byways with the down-to-earth and entirely endearing Dawson meeting a James Bond style cast of characters and somehow managing to narrowly avoid disaster. A perfect fun read.’ (Anna Pitt)

‘A humorous, fast-moving romp with hilarious characters bouncing around a gripping plot.’ (A.M.)

‘I loved the mix of humour and suspense. Left guessing what the outcome was going to be till the end!’ (Kindle customer)

‘You know those French farces, the ones in which as someone exits the door and someone enters a different door and they just miss each other by a hair’s breadth, and much hilarity ensues as a result. That is what A Very Important Teapot reminded me of. An extraordinarily well-crafted, absolutely hilarious French farce.’ (ACityOfBooks Blog)

‘A highly entertaining comedic, crime caper. This is a fast-paced book that is hard to put down.’ (Phill Jones)

‘Loved this book! Read on holiday and couldn’t put it down! Hilarious, gripping & great characters to keep you intrigued!’ (Lucy Richardson)

‘What a fabulous book. Once I started it I could not put it down. Very well written and gripping from the start. Everyone needs to read this.’ (Hannah Scott)

’This tongue in cheek all action spy comedy drama was a compelling read from start to finish. A great plot with terrific characters.’ (Stu)

The other thing of course is that it makes perfect sense to read Teapot before its sequel is released into the wild. Not sure exactly when that will be but the editing process is in full swing at the moment so maybe an announcement is not too far away. Certainly, Claret Press seem mightily enthusiastic at the moment (phrases such as “fab continuation”, “very funny”, “love the new characters”, “fantastic and hilarious twists” and “great novel” are being bandied about). It’s taken me longer to get to this point than I’d hoped (a combination of creative glue, Covid and the vicissitudes of life) but we’re getting there. It’s currently titled River Deep, Mounting Lies (although that’s not nailed down as apparently not everyone gets the song reference), I can tell you that it is largely set in Estonia. For further information about what Dawson and Lucy (and one or two others plus a raft of new characters) did next, you will, as they say, have to watch this space (and others).